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ontd_5h's Journal

fifth harmony
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Welcome to ontd_5h, a comm for news, pictures and interviews about Fifth Harmony and their imminent global domination! Membership is moderated.


-To be accepted to the comm, you should ideally have a decent comment count. If you haven't been on LJ for long, you recently switched journals, etc., shoot a mod a message just so we know you're not a troll.
-PLEASE submit posts! Don't count on the mods to make posts all the time.
-Posts can be news articles, original posts, picture posts, video interviews, Camila/Normani/Ally/Dinah/Lauren appreciation posts, blah blah you get the picture.
-If it's long/picture heavy, put your post under a cut.
-Respect each other...this almost goes without saying, but it's good to say it nonetheless.
-No mention of Embl*m 3. This is a comm about NON-FLOPS.
-No personal attacks, plz. Keep it qt.
-Try not to go OT in the first few pages of a post. If it's been up for awhile, then by all means go for it.
-PLEASE DON'T PUT LOTS OF GIFS/VIDEOS/PICTURES IN ONE COMMENT. It can slow a lot of people's browsers down--3 max is fine.

Your mods are annakarina, logan_lerman, katiefitch, acidpops7, and kanyesus. Feel free to PM us with any questions or concerns!